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  • emergent 100gige camera wins 2022 gold innovators award from vision systems design china vision 2022

Emergent 100GigE Camera Wins 2022 Gold Innovators Award From Vision Systems Design China

PORT COQUITLAM, BC, Canada — October 6, 2022 — Emergent Vision Technologies, a pioneer in high-speed imaging, is proud to announce that its Zenith HZ-21000-G 100GigE camera has been named a gold-level honoree in Vision Systems Design China’s 2022 Innovators Awards program. Judged by a panel of impartial machine vision experts, the annual program [...]

October 6, 2022|Awards|
  • New High-Speed Cameras and Volumetric Capture Software

Discover Our New High-Speed Cameras and Volumetric Capture Software at VISION 2022

October 4–6 2022 | Machine vision experts and end users from around the world will once again gather in Stuttgart, Germany, at the VISION trade fair this October 4–6. In booth 8D60, Emergent Vision Technologies will showcase its latest award-winning 10, 25, and 100GigE cameras, volumetric capture software, and high-speed imaging accessories. NEW: 100GigE [...]

October 4, 2022|Events|
  • 25GigE Camera NVIDIA AI Medical Devices

Emergent Vision Technologies 25GigE Camera Helps Power NVIDIA AI Medical Devices

At the 2022 GTC AI developer conference in September, NVIDIA announced that its Clara Holoscan SDK AI computing platform for medical devices achieved ultra-high-speed frame rates using Emergent Vision Technologies’ Bolt 25GigE cameras. According to NVIDIA, the technologies will provide new levels of real-time awareness and control for surgical guidance. Low Latency, Low Jitter [...]

September 27, 2022|General|
  • DNW provides experimental aerodynamic simulations

Case Study: High-Speed Cameras Aid Wing Deformation Measurement Test in Wind Tunnels

In this wind tunnel testing application, German-Dutch Wind Tunnels chose Emergent 10GigE cameras with 20MP CMOS sensors because its optical fiber interface allowed them to run all four cameras from the wind tunnel simulation to a single remote PC. German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) is one of the leading wind tunnel service providers in the world [...]

September 25, 2022|Resources|
  • Emergent 100GigE Machine Vision Technology Featured in inVISION Magazine

Emergent 100GigE Machine Vision Technology Featured in inVISION Magazine

Nearly a decade after releasing the first 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) cameras to the market, Emergent Vision Technologies has become the first camera company to launch 25GigE more than five years ago, and now a 100GigE camera product line. Through a combination of the latest Gpixel image sensor advancements and a high-speed 100GigE QSFP28 transceiver [...]

September 22, 2022|Announcements|
  • Emergent high-speed 10GigE and 25GigE Vision cameras

Launch Into the Metaverse With Our Volumetric Capture System

With widespread adoption of immersive digital world technologies looming, companies must have a means for entering the metaverse. Metaverse curiosity continues to grow as the notion steadily shifts from concept into real-world application. Across different markets and industries, many companies are trying to answer the question: What is the metaverse and how can [...]

September 8, 2022|Resources|
  • eCapture Pro Comprehensive Software Demonstration

Video: eCapture Pro Comprehensive Software Demonstration

In addition to offering high-speed 10GigE cameras, 25GigE cameras, 50GigE cameras, and 100GigE cameras that meet the demanding needs of applications such as volumetric capture and the metaverse, sports technology, and machine vision, Emergent Vision Technologies now offers eCapture Pro comprehensive software. Users need no software coding or system design knowledge to make the [...]

September 6, 2022|Resources|
  • Case Study: High-Speed Cameras Break Down Barriers for Real-Time Mixed Reality

Case Study: High-Speed Cameras Break Down Barriers for Real-Time Mixed Reality

Discover how metaverse live-streaming company Condense Reality took its mixed reality system to the next level using Emergent high-speed GigE cameras in its volumetric capture system. Emergent products are largely used within metaverse sports, entertainment, and live event applications. Imagine being able to stand next to your favorite performer during a once-in-a-lifetime concert [...]

June 30, 2022|Resources|
  • New Award-Winning Volumetric Capture and Metaverse Solutions

Join Us at AWE 2022 and See Our New Award-Winning Volumetric Capture and Metaverse Solutions

June 1–3 2022 | at AWE USA 2022, Emergent Vision Technologies showcases award-winning high-speed cameras and volumetric capture software to bring your XR and volumetric capture/metaverse systems to the next level. In Booth 826, we showcase our high-speed GigE Vision cameras and volumetric capture software. End users can apply for a complimentary pass for [...]

June 21, 2022|Events|