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High-Speed Imaging White Papers

Learn how 10GigE cameras, 25GigE cameras, 50GigE cameras, and 100GigE cameras can benefit your application.

  • All about 50 and 100GigE white paper

White Paper: 50 and 100 GigE FAQs

FAQ's Both 50GigE and 100GigE are successors to the highly successful 25GigE technology. Logically, 50GigE is twice the speed of 25GigE and 100GigE is four times the speed of 25GigE. All are managed/produced by the IEEE 802.3 working [...]

September 1, 2020|Resources|
  • 10 and 25GigE White Paper Download

White Paper: 10GigE and 25GigE FAQs

FAQ's 10GigE (a.k.a. 10 Gigabit Ethernet) is the successor to 1GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet) which is the leading interface for machine vision applications. 10GigE, as the successor, provides all the same benefits of 1GigE but with a ten-fold [...]

April 2, 2020|Resources|