Inspection and Automation Imaging Applications

Industrial automation systems require vastly different machine vision cameras depending on the needs of the individual application. Whether it’s a low-resolution, high-speed parts inspection application or a high-resolution flat panel display inspection system, systems integrators and OEMs need a range of reliable options. Emergent Vision Technologies offers a complete ecosystem of proven, zero-data-loss machine vision cameras that offer the speeds and resolutions needed for today’s inspection and automation applications.

Machine Vision

Our cameras are used in a wide range of inspection and automation applications. High-speed cameras offer new opportunities for those looking to achieve higher productivity, better quality or safety control, or to improve automation tasks.

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Parts Inspection

Emergent cameras can be deployed in a wide range of machine vision applications within automotive manufacturing, including small parts inspection and sorting, which improve upon quality control while streamlining manufacturing processes.

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Process Optimization

Machine vision cameras from Emergent target a disparate range of industrial applications, including process optimization, where systems can collect large amounts of data that can be used to inform process optimization.

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Defect Detection and Prevention

With Industry 4.0 on the rise, manufacturers face increasing pressure to improve the speed and accuracy of their production lines. Emergent machine vision cameras can help businesses identify defects on products while delivering data that can help prevent them.

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Flat Panel Display Inspection

Flat panel displays (FPD) are common in every aspect of our lives today, from smartphones to computer screens. High-resolution cameras from Emergent can help companies developing these products inspect these products for quality control and assembly verification purposes.

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Packaging Inspection

Packing inspection has long been a critical task that is successfully addressed by automated inspection systems. Emergent machine vision cameras can be reliably deployed in several packaging inspection tasks that help ensure product quality and safety.

Warehouse Automation

Automation adoption within warehousing and logistics continues to grow as companies seek a means to enhance efficiency, increase throughput, and drive revenue to stay competitive. For several types of tasks, Emergent machine vision cameras can help.

Vision-Guided Robotics

Pairing robots with machine vision technologies such as GigE Vision cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies creates a more flexible automation system with more capabilities that can add value on the factory floor.


While deploying machine vision for gaging and metrology is not new, technology advances — such as high-speed, high-resolution cameras from Emergent — have enabled higher precision and more accurate measurements.