Emergent Volumetric Capture and Metaverse Technology Featured in FEED:Xtreme Magazine

Emergent Volumetric Capture and Metaverse Technology

A century ago, the greatest innovation in sports was that an announcer could deliver live descriptions of a game right into your living room via radio. Today, fans can immerse themselves in the digital world of the metaverse and experience games right in their living rooms.

In an article in the September–October 2022 issue of sports content magazine FEED:Xtreme, John Ilett, president and CTO of Emergent Vision Technologies, describes how advancements in optical tracking technology and high-speed cameras have propelled volumetric capture systems forward, putting fans into fully immersive, 3D sporting experiences. The article details the high-speed capture technologies required to build such systems, along with the underlying science of biomechanics and how it plays into volumetric capture.

In addition, Ilett discusses Emergent Vision Technologies’ volumetric capture and metaverse tools and systems — from high-speed, high-resolution cameras to comprehensive software as well the “holy grail” of live transmitted games via volumetric capture and metaverse systems.

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