White Paper: Benefits of 10GigE and 25GigE Cameras for Sports Technology Applications

Technology in sports has been largely driven by business. A single missed call can easily amount to a loss of millions of dollars. Most owners and team members want to be on the winning side of a “call” but most accept technology as the most impartial and fair method for determining the outcome of a given play. Entertainment, however, has also been a big driving factor and an early influence.

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Cameras for sports technology applications

View our new white paper to find out how 10GigE and 25GigE camera technology can help you with your sports technology applications.

Contents include:

  • Timing Synchronization
  • Image Quality
  • Wide range of resolutions and frame rates
  • SMPTE ST 2110 Compliance
  • How 10GigE and 25GigE compare with other high-speed interfaces
  • Line Scan camera applications

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