Webinar: Demonstrations Show the Power of 5GigE to 100GigE Vision Technologies

GigE Vision cameras and technologies are among the most popular and versatile in the machine vision and imaging world today, offering several different options, from 1GigE to 100GigE, to suit a vast range of applications. While the GigE Vision cameras and components offered by Emergent Vision Technologies can deliver zero-data-loss imaging at the industry’s top speeds, end users require a means for handling all the high-speed data the cameras output.

This presentation provides a thorough look into the latest capabilities of Emergent’s award-winning eCapture Pro software. This application-focused software targets system deployment and rapid prototyping while offering options for customized GPU and FPGA processing. Demonstrations shown during this webinar include:

Polarization plug-in: A single 10GigE polarized camera using GPUDirect technology on an RTX A6000 GPU

Deep learning inference plug-in: An Emergent GigE Vision camera detects and classifies cups in a scene while the software tracks objects in motion.

Pattern-matching plug-in: A general-purpose pattern-matching plug-in leveraging GPU technology

H.265 and RTMP plug-in: A 24-camera system running on a single mid-range server. It can expands to 48 cameras on the same switch, with a GPU added to handle the additional compute requirements.

SSD recording plug-in: A 48-camera system leveraging 25MP 25GigE cameras all connected to network interface cards through a 48-port switch, where cameras are routed to specific SSDs for recording. IEEE 1588 PTP is also leveraged for synchronization within 1 µs accuracy.

The presentation offers additional demonstrations, including how end users can develop their own custom plug-ins within eCapture Pro to leverage zero-copy, zero-loss GPUDirect functionality while writing only plug-in code. In addition, the presentation looks at Emergent’s high-speed ecosystem of machine vision cameras and components and the company’s ability to deliver and provide support for turnkey performance camera systems.

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