Webinar: How GigE Vision Cameras Support Any Speed, Any Resolution, Any Cable Length, Any Sensor, Any Application

Machine vision and imaging systems today are more capable than ever before, helping disparate industries across the globe enhance efficiency and drive productivity gains. Whether high-speed packaging applications that require faster frame rates or aerial imaging applications where high-resolution or even SWIR cameras are needed, the technologies that comprise modern machine vision systems continually advance to meet the growing and evolving needs of customers.

System needs vary greatly from application to application, so while a high-speed camera may suit one application, multiple lower-speed cameras on a single server may suit another. This presentation looks at Emergent Vision Technologies’ high-speed ecosystem of machine vision cameras and components. This technology includes 5GigE cameras, 10GigE cameras25GigE cameras100GigE camerascomprehensive software, and network interface cards to support any speed, any resolution, any cable length, any sensor, and any application.

The presentation covers the various technologies offered, leveraged, or supported by Emergent, which include area scan cameras, line scan cameras, CMOS sensors from Sony and GPixel, SWIR cameras leveraging Sony SenSWIR sensors, NVIDIA GPUDirect technology, zero-copy imaging, multi-camera turnkey imaging systems, multiplexing, multicasting, and IEEE 1588 PTP synchronization. In addition, the presentation takes a deep dive into the UDP-based GigE Vision Stream Protocol (GVSP) and how it compares to remote direct memory access (RDMA), RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), and transmission control protocol (TCP).

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