Watch: High-Speed Imaging Demo With 10GigE and 100GigE Cameras

High-speed imaging demonstration with award-winning 10GigE and 100GigE Vision cameras

High-speed imaging leaders Emergent Vision Technologies recently demonstrated the latest breakthroughs in GigE Vision technology during a webcast held as part of inVISION Days 2021 on November 30, 2021.

During the presentation, John Ilett, president and CTO showcased the company’s award-winning technology, including the 100GigE HZ-21000-G Zenith, which is shown in a setup with a 100GigE network interface card (NIC) and NVIDIA Xavier capturing 542 fps and 91 Gbps at 21 MP resolution with 0% CPU utilization, minimal memory bandwidth utilization, and 0 dropped frames.

Additional demos include a 100GigE camera using GPUDirect technology, two 100GigE cameras running on a dual 100GigE NIC and a setup with 36 HR series 10GigE cameras, a switch, and a dual 100GigE NIC.

>>>View the high-speed imaging demonstrations here.

Also, check out the full presentation and see why GigE Vision has become the leading high-speed interface for machine vision cameras. For more information on our high-speed cameras, including models that are currently in stock and ready to ship, please contact us today at [email protected]