Video: High-Speed Imaging Demo with 10GigE and 100GigE Cameras

These four high-speed imaging demonstrations showcase the abilities of our 10GigE and 100GigE cameras. The first demo shows our 21 MP HZ-21000-G 100GigE camera with an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier and a 100GigE network interface card (NIC) capturing 542 fps and 91 Gbps with 0% CPU utilization, minimal memory bandwidth utilization, and zero dropped frames.

Additional demonstrations include a 100GigE camera using GPUDirect technology, two 100GigE cameras running on a dual 100GigE NIC, and a setup with 36 HR series 10GigE cameras, a switch, and a dual 100GigE NIC. Check out the video to see our high-speed cameras in action.