The Emergent Difference: Server Performance

There are many options when it comes to choosing a high-speed camera for your application. Whether it’s a competing 10 or 25GigE product or other interfaces like USB3.1 Generation 2 , CameraLink, CoaXPress CXP6 or CXP12, we believe Emergent is the only company to deliver a complete and reliable solution to customers with best-in-class cost performance. Let’s take a look why.

The main factor that can limit performance is the server. CPU utilization and memory bandwidth can both be exhausted if a high-speed system is not designed properly. Implementations, which over-use these resources cannot achieve the same higher camera count per server performance. They are often limited by dropped frames due to CPU or memory bandwidth being pushed to the brink.

Fully CPU offloaded solution

When our award winning 10GigE cameras were first launched in 2010, we had already realized the need for performance receiver technology at the server. To address this short-coming we created a fully CPU offloaded solution with off-the-shelf 10GigE Network Interface Cards (also called NICs). With the introduction of our award winning 25GigE cameras, we created the same advanced solution with off-the-shelf 25GigE NICs, which is also applicable to 100GigE NICs. Leveraging both advancements allows us to offload all packet processing to the NICs, which results in less than 1% CPU utilization and approximately only 100 microseconds added latency. In addition, memory utilization is minimized which is often the most important factor. As a result, multiple cameras can be handled by a single server, which minimizes system complexity and cost.

Over the years we have had customers creating systems with as many as sixteen 10GigE cameras and quite regularly eight 10GigE cameras per server. On a regular basis, we have customers using competing 10GigE products coming to us with complaints that they cannot even get two 10GigE cameras working on a single server and have spent months of wasted effort trying to make this work. We have a successful track record in bringing customer projects like these to a successful conclusion. Other manufacturers are slowly learning that there is more to creating ultra-high-speed cameras than they thought.

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For further information, and to learn more about the benefits of Emergent’s 10 and 25GigE cameras please download our 10 and 25Gige White Paper.