FAQs: New HB-25000-SB 25GigE camera with Sony Pregius S IMX530 sensor

Resolution, frame rate, sensitivity, and what makes it different from competing cameras – We answer your questions about the new BOLT HB-25000-SB camera.

New HB-25000-SB 25GigE camera with Sony Pregius S IMX530 sensor

What’s the camera’s resolution and frame rate?
The HB-25000-SB from our BOLT Series is a 24.47 Megapixel camera. At full resolution (5320 x 4600) you will get up to 98 frames per second. You can download our “Sony IMX5XX Models”  frame rate calculator and input your preferred parameters such as ROI and pixel formats to calculate the exact frame rate for your application.

How is the sensor’s physical size so small and the pixel size small but the resolution is better than Sony’s Generation 2 sensors?
Sony Pregius S is a new sensor technology that features back-illuminated pixel structure that delivers distortion-free, high imaging performance and miniaturization.

Normally, when pixels are miniaturized, sensitivity and saturation characteristics deteriorate. Sony’s new proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure enables a reduction in pixel size to 2.74μm while maintaining performance of those characteristics, thus achieving higher resolution than conventional front-illuminated CMOS image sensors. This makes it possible to measure and inspect objects in a wider area and with higher accuracy in many applications.

In addition, the sensor’s stacked structure makes it possible to mount various signal processing circuits to enable smart functions such as signal processing only for the necessary part of the measurement and inspection images in a smaller size compared to conventional sensors. In turn, the load of the subsequent processing and the amount of data to be held on to is reduced to produce highly efficient, energy-saving systems.

You can learn more by reading our blog post on “Comparing Sony’s 4th generation Pregius S Sensor technology with previous generations.”

What’s the camera’s sensitivity?
Please refer to the following chart for quantum efficiency data for the Sony Pregius S IMX530 sensor.

QE Sony Pregius S IMX530

How does the Quantum Efficiency compare to Generation 2 Sony Pregius?
Quantum efficiency (Peak QE) is approximately 20% superior to that of previous sensor generations.

What makes this camera model different from competing cameras featuring this sensor?
Emergent is the first and only camera manufacturer with full support of the IMX53x family of highest speed Sony sensors. We have developed our own hardware and firmware to support the full 5GHz speed of Sony’s SLVS-EC sensor interface. Coupled with the Emergent exclusive 25GigE interface, this allows the HB-25000-SB camera based on the IMX530 sensor to achieve the full 98fps that the sensor supports. Be aware that most manufacturers will run this sensor at much slower speeds without the aforementioned support.

It is not just CPU utilization that limits competing products and solutions but also system memory bandwidth. The problem with competing solutions is that even with the best custom drivers that one data packet copy is required and one copy requires an additional read and write on top of the expected write from the PCIe card to system memory. This effectively triples the memory bandwidth and thus those systems would only be able to support 1/3 of the cameras that our systems support. This means 3x the number of servers to process the same number of cameras.What this means to the customer is that we can provide the highest performance system at the lowest cost.

What applications is this camera suitable for?
The HB-25000-SB is suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial inspection, automation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), logistics, virtual reality, volumetric capture, and referee assist.

Where can I get the full technical specifications for this camera?
You can view this camera’s full technical specifications on the product’s page: HB-25000-SB: 25GigE camera with Sony Pregius S IMX530

Is it available for purchase?
This camera model is now shipping. Please contact our sales team for further information.