Polarization Image Sensor Technology (Sony Polarsens) – How does it work?

Sony Semiconductor Solutions announced the launch of their new IMX250MZR/MYR polarization image sensor in late 2018. This 5.07 Megapixel chip features a four-directional polarizer, which is formed on the photodiode of the image sensor chip. It was designed to capture information that cannot be detected by a normal image sensor in industrial applications such as glass inspection, tablet filling inspection, distortion inspection, and reflection removal. Sony is also planning to release the 12.37 Megapixel IMX253MZR/MYR polarized image sensor in Q3-2019.

How does Polarization Image Sensor Technology “Polarsens” work?
To help us understand how Polarsens technology works Sony has released the following video that takes us through the very basics of the technology.

10GigE cameras with Sony Polarized Image Sensors
Emergent Vision Technologies has announced four camera models featuring Sony’s Polarsens technology: The 5 Megapixel HR-5000-S and HT-5000-S series (Sony IMX250MYR / MZR), and the 12 Megapixel HR-12000-S and HT-12000-S series (Sony IMX253MYR / MZR).

Any questions?
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