Webinar: Understanding Metaverse System Architectures

What is the metaverse? What is volumetric capture? As part of a presentation given during a VR/AR Association metaverse event, John Ilett, president and CTO at Emergent Vision Technologies, answers these questions and describes the system architecture of a high-speed metaverse application.

The presentation describes how metaverse stages — or volumetric capture systems — use multiple high-resolution, high-frame-rate GigE cameras to capture video, which is then processed and reconstructed in software and integrated for playback by a variety of applications, such as Unreal Engine and Unity. At a high level, metaverse stages are comprised of cameras, servers, switches, and cabling. Servers, switches, and power sources sit outside the stage — often in a server room — for less stage clutter.

Check out our presentation to learn how volumetric capture systems can help launch you into the metaverse while also seeing a software workflow demonstration and a look at some standard and advanced system architectures.

Understanding Metaverse System Architectures