Unlocking New Horizons in Imaging: Eros 5GigE Cameras

emergent vision technologies introduces eros 5gige camera series

Unlocking New Horizons in Imaging: Eros 5GigE Cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies

We are excited to introduce the Eros 5GigE camera series, a groundbreaking addition to our product lineup that brings a new dimension of versatility and affordability to the high-speed imaging market. This series is designed to cater to a wide range of applications, offering the perfect balance of performance, cost-effectiveness, and ease of integration and will be a significant addition to our product lineup, supporting 5GigE, 2.5GigE, and 1GigE speeds through auto-negotiation.

Eros cameras will feature many of the latest Sony 4th generation Pregius S CMOS image sensors, similar to those in our 10GigE and 25GigE cameras. However, these new cameras will offer lower speed, lower cost, and smaller-sized options, while still maintaining our renowned zero-copy imaging approach. This approach utilizes built-in header splitting features in network interface cards (NICs) to perform zero-copy image transfer, a critical requirement for top performance in lower speed multi-camera configurations.

As a leader in the industry, we understand that while RDMA and RoCEv2 support zero-copy transfer, they are more resource-intensive and costly compared to the mature, lightweight GigE Vision Streaming Protocol (GSVP) that we support. This makes the Eros cameras particularly suitable for challenging lower speed multi-camera machine vision applications.


  • Versatile Speed Options: Eros cameras support 5GigE, 2.5GigE, and 1GigE speeds, providing flexibility for various application requirements. This range of speeds ensures that customers can select the perfect camera for their specific needs, whether it’s for high-speed industrial inspection or detailed scientific research.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: By offering lower speed options, the Eros series presents a more affordable alternative to our higher-speed cameras, without compromising on quality. This makes high-performance imaging accessible to a broader range of businesses and research institutions.
  • Compact and Efficient Design: Eros cameras are designed to be smaller and more compact, making them ideal for integration into systems where space is a premium. Despite their size, they pack a powerful punch in terms of imaging capabilities.
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Featuring the latest Sony Pregius S CMOS sensors, the Eros series delivers exceptional image quality. These sensors are known for their high sensitivity, low noise, and outstanding color reproduction, ensuring that every image captured is crisp and detailed.
  • SWIR Imaging Capabilities: With SWIR cameras based on Sony’s SenSWIR CMOS image sensors, the Eros series extends imaging capabilities into the shortwave infrared range, from 400 to 1700nm. This feature is invaluable for applications like agricultural imaging and semiconductor inspection, where materials and substances beyond the visible spectrum need to be analyzed.
  • Polarized Imaging Options: The inclusion of polarized camera models based on Sony’s Polarsens technology allows for enhanced surface inspection, particularly useful in detecting defects on shiny or reflective surfaces.
  • Zero-Copy Imaging Performance: The Eros series continues to provide true zero-copy performance, a hallmark of Emergent Vision Technologies. This feature ensures efficient image transfer with minimal CPU overhead, crucial for multi-camera setups, and real-time processing.
  • Proven Track Record: With over a decade of experience in shipping high-speed cameras, Emergent Vision Technologies brings reliability and expertise to the table. Customers can trust in our history of innovation and our commitment to delivering cutting-edge imaging solutions.

While not every high-speed imaging application requires a camera interface of 10GigE or higher, reliable image transmission with no dropped packets or frames is essential, which is exactly what the Eros and all other Emergent cameras offer.

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