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eCapture Pro – Real-Time 3D Reconstruction

eCapture Pro  – Real-Time 3D Reconstruction

eCapture Pro is a drag and drop application where one can add devices to the system through a graphical interface. We add the cameras, servers, storage, GPUs, etc, and then connect them to define the hardware for the system or use the auto connect functionality. We also configure the processing nodes like the GPU to define their behavior which in this case is to do real time volumetric video. For a volumetric video appliciation, a project is created and single multi-camera captures are taken with simple calibration targets present. With this done, we simply click Run to run the application which generates the volumetric video. We can view this in a few ways. We can use a joystick and fly around the volume and view the subject in our 3D space on a 2D monitor. We can also use Meta Quest 3 for example to fly around the 3D space using the Quest controllers and, with the Quest goggles on, can look all around by moving our head. The Quest integration is enabled with the use of Unity. The 3D content could be transmitted to another location for remote viewing.

And all of this in the video is done on a single mid-range server with only 1 GPU. eCapture Pro is a UI based software allowing customers to fully integrate Emergent award winning cameras which have speeds of 5GigE, 10GigE, 25GigE, and 100GigE. The software is often used for large scale recording systems involving multiple servers, switches, storage, etc. Up until now, the software has been limited to recording camera data to storage in a very high performance manner for the purposes of post-3D reconstruction for Volumetric Video applications. Emergent has developed and added to its award winning eCapture Pro software the ability to generate real time Volumetric Video so one can be immediately immersed in the event or subject being filmed. Imagine being in another city with VR goggles such as the Meta Quest 3 and being able to navigate anywhere in the 3D space we provide. Imagine flying around the space using the Quest 3 controllers which control speed and direction. Imagine, as flying around, one simply turns ones head to look in any direction. Or, by all means, find a comfortable view and enjoy the show from that unique perspective.

Technological Advancements

Real-Time 3D Reconstruction

Volumetric video is being done using slow technologies like Nerf and Gaussian Splats for example. Emergent has developed proprietary algorithms for performing these tasks in real time. The processing is currently being done on a single RTXA6000 NVidia GPU. The space we are reconstructing in the demo is all within a 3ft diameter, 7ft height cylinder for full human recontruction with high quality. The whole system is comprised of 36 12MP cameras running at 30fps and all images are transferred directly to the GPU via GPU Direct and the Volumetric Video is created there and is passed to the desired display resources. We have full flexibility to expand the space and quality as needed and we can leveage the Emergent FlexTrans and FlexProc technology as needed. AND NO GREEN SCREEN NEEDED!

Market Needs

White Paper: Benefits of 10, 25, 50 and 100GigE Cameras for VR, AR and MR Applications - A-brief-history
White Paper: Benefits of 10, 25, 50 and 100GigE Cameras for VR, AR and MR Applications - Challenges

Any market that can benefit from immersive content is an excellent candidate and the list has no bounds. Some examples are entertainmentsports, training, conferencing, etc. These type of markets often require real time content and are currently limited to pre-processed content.

Emergent is a partner of NVidia and has been working with NVidia and Mellanox technology since 2015

About Emergent Vision Technologies

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Here is a recap of what Emergent is all about…

  • 10+ Awards for innovation and pioneering the high speed GigEVision imaging movement
  • 10+ years shipping 10GigE cameras with more than 140 models
  • 5+ years shipping 25GigE cameras with more than 55 models
  • 2+ years shipping 100GigE cameras with more than 16 models
  • Camera technology performance leader
  • Focused on high-speed Ethernet/GigEVision
  • Focused on enabling the processing of high-speed image data
  • Area scan and Line scan models
  • UV, NIR, Polarized, Color, Mono models for multispectral applications
  • Emergent eSDK for full application flexibility
  • Emergent eCapture Pro for a highly comprehensive software solution
  • Most comprehensive range of product and support for high-speed imaging applications
  • Any speed, any resolution, any cable length
  • Available NOW!

We are a multi-award winning company with a focus on high speed GigEVision product.

We have many years shipping product ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE.

We have a strong focus on providing end-to-end technologies and support for our customers applications.

We can fullfil most application needs.

Lastly, products presented are available now.

Adoption of 10GigEVision and Higher

Here is a quick snapshot of the adoption of GigEVision products ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE. Emergent has shown how top performance can be achieved and opened up many markets including machine vision to the use of such technologies. Some companies are just now leveraging our efforts toward releasing 25G and higher speed products but still a ways to go to release ratified and performance products.

Adoption of 10GigEVision and Higher

Figure: Emergent Vision Technologies is the first provider of cameras based on 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE, and 100GigE interfaces.