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eCapture Pro – FlexProc and FlexTrans

eCapture Pro  – FlexProc and FlexTrans

eCapture Pro is a UI based software allowing customers to fully integrate Emergent award winning cameras which have speeds of 5GigE, 10GigE, 25GigE, and 100GigE. The software is often used for large scale recording systems involving multiple servers, switches, storage, etc.

Up until now, the software has been limited to recording camera data to storage in a very high performance manner.

FlexProc is a technology which allows one to process image data and results on any processing node in the system – on CPUs in the servers, on GPUs in the servers and even on the cloud. The technology includes a customizable framework for generating custom processing plug-ins.

FlexTrans is a technology which allows one to move image data and results anywhere in the system – between GPUs in one server, between servers, and even between the system and the cloud.

All of this is easily managed within a UI with drag and drop design.

– User Defined Processing
– Custom CPU, GPU, FPGA Plug-ins
– eCapture Pro and eSDK support
– Endless processing flexibility

– Any node to any node Transfers
– Zero-Copy and GPU DIrect support
– eCapture Pro and eSDK support
– Endless Scalability

Technological Advancements

FlexProc allows one to develop and easily distribute processing tasks anywhere in the system. The blocks within the graph view of eCapture Pro can be configured with built-in processing plug-ins or the user can create their own custom plug-ins. For a custom GPU plug-in, one would develop CUDA code to define the task. The code is then compiled into a .dll and this .dll defines the custom block within the graph view of eCapture Pro. With the cameras and blocks all connected within eCapture Pro, the user would simply click run to run the application..

FlexTrans is more than just the ability to move content from one processing node to any other node in the system. It is also about doing this with the highest performance and lowest latency possible. This means using GPU Direct and Zero Copy methods developed by Emergent. GPU Direct is a method to does direct copies and transfers between GPU memory and the network. We can seamlessly transfer high performance data between a GPU in one server to a GPU in another server. Peer-to-peer is a method to do direct copies and transfers between GPUs within the same server. We also can use the same technologies to take data from server storage devices and system memory to other locations within the system. eCapture Pro FlexTrans allows all of this and with no coding whatsoever. In eCapture Pro, one would simply connect the blocks in the graph view to direct where you want the data to go next in the processing pipeline. The performance aspect is quite important here as a system that does not utilize these performance methods can take up to 3x the resources which translates into 3x the cost. Latency in such systems is not tolerable by the application.

Market Needs

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Any market with applications that require high performance image processing is an excellent candidate and the list has no bounds. Some examples are AI, machine learning, entertainment, sports, etc.

These type of markets often require real time or low latency content and are currently limited to slow pre-processed content.

The endless processing flexibility and endless scalability that the technology provides allows the development and integration of the most advanced processing methods such as AI and Machine Learning.

Emergent is a partner of NVidia and has been working with NVidia and Mellanox technology since 2015

About Emergent Vision Technologies

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Here is a recap of what Emergent is all about…

  • 10+ Awards for innovation and pioneering the high speed GigEVision imaging movement
  • 10+ years shipping 10GigE cameras with more than 140 models
  • 5+ years shipping 25GigE cameras with more than 55 models
  • 2+ years shipping 100GigE cameras with more than 16 models
  • Camera technology performance leader
  • Focused on high-speed Ethernet/GigEVision
  • Focused on enabling the processing of high-speed image data
  • Area scan and Line scan models
  • UV, NIR, Polarized, Color, Mono models for multispectral applications
  • Emergent eSDK for full application flexibility
  • Emergent eCapture Pro for a highly comprehensive software solution
  • Most comprehensive range of product and support for high-speed imaging applications
  • Any speed, any resolution, any cable length
  • Available NOW!

We are a multi-award winning company with a focus on high speed GigEVision product.

We have many years shipping product ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE.

We have a strong focus on providing end-to-end technologies and support for our customers applications.

We can fullfil most application needs.

Lastly, products presented are available now.

Adoption of 10GigEVision and Higher

Here is a quick snapshot of the adoption of GigEVision products ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE. Emergent has shown how top performance can be achieved and opened up many markets including machine vision to the use of such technologies. Some companies are just now leveraging our efforts toward releasing 25G and higher speed products but still a ways to go to release ratified and performance products.

Adoption of 10GigEVision and Higher

Figure: Emergent Vision Technologies is the first provider of cameras based on 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE, and 100GigE interfaces.