Sony Pregius S Cameras: Benefits for High-Speed Applications

A few weeks ago we announced the release of three new cameras featuring the Sony Pregius S technology. The HB-5000-SB (IMX537), HB-8000-SB (IMX536), and HB-12000-SB (IMX535).

As per the initial Pregius S based models released in October 2019, these three new cameras are ideal for high-speed applications that require excellent image quality and fast frame rates. For example virtual reality, volumetric capture, referee assist, industrial inspection, automation, and logistics.

Camera models featuring Sony Pregius S technology offer resolutions from 5.1 to 24.4 megapixels, and frame rates to 269 fps at full resolution. Here’s a detailed recap of what is currently available:

Sony Pregius S models comparison

Benefits for high-speed applications

Sony Pregius S (also referred to as “Generation 4”) is a new sensor technology that features back-illuminated pixel structure. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits for high-speed applications:

Higher sensitivity
This new generation of sensors offers superior sensitivity with quantum efficiency (Peak QE) approximately 20% superior to that of previous sensor generations. This means shorter exposure times will be needed to achieve excellent image quality even at higher frame rates.

Increased speed
Sony Pregius S models offer a high speed (output data rate) about 2.4 times higher than previous generations.The global shutter readout ensures distortion-free capture of fast-moving targets in applications such as sports technology or high-speed inspection. In addition, Emergent is the first and only camera manufacturer with full support of the IMX53x family of highest speed Sony sensors. We have developed our own hardware and firmware to support the full 5GHz speed of Sony’s SLVS-EC sensor interface. Coupled with the Emergent exclusive 25GigE interface, this allows models based on these sensors to achieve the full frame rate that the sensors support.

Higher functionality and compact form factor
The sensors stacked structure reduces their form factor by about 40% compared to previous generations. This allows for the use of compact and affordable accessories such as C-mount lenses even with high resolution camera models. In addition, the 2.74 µm pixel size offers 1.7 times more pixels than previous generations in a given sensor size. This means that a single high resolution camera such as the 25 MP HB-25000-SB can be used in applications, which would have previously required multiple lower resolution cameras thus lowering system complexity and cost.

Let’s compare Sony Pregius S with previous Sony Pregius sensor generations.

Sony Pregius Pixel Migration

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