Revolutionize Fan Experiences With the Metaverse

Revolutionize Fan Experiences With the Metaverse

Bring immersive, virtual experiences into living rooms.

How can sports teams and leagues leverage the metaverse? What is the metaverse?

Simply put, the metaverse is the internet in 3D. The metaverse involves incredibly high-speed applications that create immersive digital worlds that are limited only by the imagination. In the sports world, we’ve seen initial forays into the metaverse as the Brooklyn Nets and MLB have both produced 3D volumetric video demonstrations. Some early examples, however, have fallen short of creating realistic sports experiences. Instead, let us help you execute quality reality production while removing infrastructure roadblocks and lowering costs substantially.


From the Field to Fans’ Living Rooms

The future of the metaverse in sports is enormously exciting. Creating high-quality metaverse applications in sports will allow teams and leagues to bring immersive, fan-first experiences into living rooms. Imagine being able to stand right next to your favorite baseball player during a crucial at-bat in a playoff game or following the action of a high-tempo basketball game as if you were on the court — from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to watching the game up close and personal, sports fans may soon be able to immerse themselves into digital worlds to interact socially with other fans, play virtual games within stadiums, attend virtual events, at digital stadiums, and much more. For teams and leagues, the metaverse opens up new venues and can increase fan engagement, strengthen fan relationships, and create something innovative and unique that puts fans first. And of course, it also opens a myriad of new revenue streams.

Revolutionize Fan Experiences With the Metaverse
Metaverse Revolutionizes Fan Experiences

Your One-Stop Metaverse Shop

While every league or team might have nominal interest in exploring everything the metaverse can offer — or at least be curious about it — getting started can be difficult. Creating a metaverse requires high-quality 3D content generation. Metaverse stages — or volumetric capture systems — deploy multiple high-resolution, high-frame-rate cameras to capture video, which is then processed and reconstructed in software and integrated for playback by a variety of applications, such as Unreal Engine and Unity. Metaverse stages consist of cameras, servers, switches, and cabling. Not just any cameras will work, however. These applications require robust, high-resolution, high-frame-rate cameras.

Emergent Vision Technologies has established itself as a one-stop shop for building volumetric capture and metaverse stages, offering high-speed camerassoftware, and consultative services. Our cameras are used heavily in metaverse and volumetric capture systems, and our software provides near turnkey integration, making it easy for users to work with raw images or use tools for 3D model creation in Sketchfab, Unreal Engine, or Unity.

We’d love to discuss the benefits of networked architecture common in our tier 1 customer projects, which consist of 250-camera, multiple-dome setups and are compatible with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture software. To learn more about how we can help you launch into the metaverse, contact us today.

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