New to Emergent? Top 3 Resources to Get You Started

Are you new to Emergent products or are you simply looking to learn more about high-speed ethernet camera technology? Our cameras are used in a wide range of applications from machine vision to virtual reality, volumetric capture, and sports technology. Here are our top 3 resources to get you started.

1. All about 10 and 25GigE white paper

10 and 25GigE White Paper DownloadThis publication is a great starting point to get you acquainted with Emergent’s 10 and 25GigE camera technology. It provides answers to commonly asked questions about these two high-speed interfaces including:

  • Bandwidth
  • Cable options
  • Cost
  • How they compare with other high-speed interfaces

> Download the 10 and 25GigE white paper

2. All about 50 and 100GigE white paper

All about 50 and 100GigE white paperLearn more about the two newest camera interfaces on the market. Similarly to its 10 and 25Gige counterpart this white paper aims to answer all the questions you may have about 50 and 100Gige. Contents include:

  • Cost implications
  • Benefits of 50GigE and 100GigE for your applications
  • Multiple camera synchronization
  • Compatible software
  • Off the shelf components.

> Download the 50 and 100GigE white paper

3. Why choose Emergent video series

Don’t have time to read? We have you covered with this video series highlighting the benefits of using Emergent high-speed ethernet camera technology vs competing products or interfaces. Topics covered are:

  • Server Performance – Less than 1% CPU Utilization
  • Multiple Cameras with Accurate Synchronization
  • Cable Lengths From 1m to 10km
  • SFP vs BaseT Technologies


Camera selector (with frame rate calculator)
This nifty little tool allows you to browse and compare all our cameras in one document. In addition the tool contains a frame rate calculator. Advanced filtering options include EMVA1288 data like full well, read noise, dynamic range, quantum efficiency, and SNR.

>For additional camera options, check out our interactive system designer tool.

Application specific white papers
If you are looking for high-speed cameras for virtual reality or sports technology we have you covered with two white papers dedicated to these applications:

> Benefits of 10GigE and 25GigE Cameras for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality


> Benefits of 10GigE and 25GigE Cameras for Sports Technology Applications