Emergent Vision Technologies to Launch World’s First 50GigE and 100GigE Camera Series

Emergent Vision Technologies, the pioneer in high-speed industrial Ethernet cameras, has announced the launch of two new camera series: The QSFP28-50GigE Xtreme Series, and the QSFP28-100GigE Zenith Series. These will be the World’s first camera series based on the QSFP28-50GigE and QSFP28-100GigE interfaces.

100GigE Zenith cameras

21 to 103.7 megapixels – Up to 600 frames per second

Both series will initially offer three camera models using ultra high resolution CMOS sensors from Gpixel:

The HX-65000-G from the 50GigE Xtreme Series and the HZ-65000-G from the 100GigE Zenith series both feature the 65.4 MP GMAX3265 sensor. At full resolution (9344 x 7000), you get 71 frames per second in 8-bit mode. HX-65000-G and HZ-65000-G will be available in Q4-2020.

HX-21000-G and its 100GigE counterpart HZ-21000-G feature the 21 megapixel Gsprint4521 sensor by Gpixel. At full resolution (5120 x 4096) you get up to 300 fps for the 50GigE model, and up to 600fps for the 100GigE model.

The HX-100-G and HZ-100-G both use the 103.7 megapixel GMAX32103 CMOS sensor. At full resolution (11276 x 9200), you get 30 frames per second in 8-bit mode. These models will be available in Q1-2021.

Emergent Vision Technologies to Launch World’s First 50GigE and 100GigE Camera Series

“Until recently, there were only one or two very high speed image sensor manufacturers where the data rates would exceed 25Gbps and, unfortunately, the image quality was poor”, says John Ilett, Founder and CEO of Emergent Vision Technologies. “The new Gpixel Gsprint series of sensors have changed all that and are providing in excess of 100Gbps data rates while providing very good image quality. Our exciting new Zenith 100GigE and Xtreme 50GigE camera series are there to capitalize on this new advancement in sensor technology and to further solidify our position as the market leader in ultra-high-speed Ethernet camera technology.”

Main Benefits

Xtreme and Zenith’s ultra high-speed QSFP28 interface offers many benefits including:

  • Ultra high data/frame rates
  • Low cost accessories
  • Three cabling options to cover any length
  • Camera network support and accurate multi-camera synchronization methods including PTP support
  • Multicast video technology
  • Low CPU overhead, low latency, and low jitter
  • Highest camera count per PC performance
  • Very competitive cost/performance
  • Industry acceptance due to IEEE and AIA standardization