Emergent Vision Technologies Announces New Line-Scan Cameras with Gpixel GL0816 Sensor

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Emergent Vision Technologies has announced the release of new 10 and 25GigE line-scan camera models featuring the new Gpixel GL0816 sensor in its PACE and ACCEL series.

Gpixel GL0816: High-performance 8k CMOS sensor

GL0816 by Gpixel is a line scan CMOS image sensor which consists of 16 lines of 8322 pixels with 5 μm pixel size and 5 μm inter-line space. This enables high-speed and low-noise image capture at 8K vision. Designed for high speed industrial inspection, GL0816 offers excellent cost-performance ratio.

10GigE PACE Series

The PACE LR-8KG comes with a horizontal image resolution of 8192 effective pixels and a line rate of 137KHz (single line), and 45KHz (trilinear). Its 10GigE SFP+ interface offers two cable options for lengths up to 10 kilometers without the need for costly fiber converters or repeaters. For those who prefer a RJ45 10GBaseT interface, the new PACE LT-8KG delivers the same performance but with cable lengths up to 100 meters using CAT6A cabling.

25GigE ACCEL Series

The ACCEL LB-8KG comes with a horizontal image resolution of 8192 effective pixels and a line rate of 200KHz (single Line), and 66KHz (trilinear). The camera’s 25GigE SFP28 interface offers three cable options for cable lengths from 1 meter and up to 10 kilometers.

“We are the first camera manufacturer to offer 10 and 25GigE line-scan cameras with the Gpixel sensor. The cameras have been redesigned to offer a compact form-factor with unmatched performance. As with all our cameras, these line-scan models provide less than 1% CPU utilization and approximately only 100us added latency.” says, John Ilett, President of Emergent Vision Technologies.

All camera models are suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial inspection, printing inspection, label inspection, film inspection, PCB inspection, and food sorting and grading.

They will be available in March 2020.

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