Emergent Vision Technologies Announces 65 Megapixel Camera Featuring Gpixel GMAX3265 Sensor

Emergent Vision Technologies are adding an ultra high-resolution camera model featuring the Gpixel GMAX3265 CMOS sensor to its BOLT SFP28 – 25GigE high-speed camera series. The new 65 megapixel BOLT HB-65000-G camera will offer 35 frames per second at full 9344 x 7000 resolution.

HR and BOLT 50000

Ultra high performance and cost effective

The GMAX3265 by Gpixel is a cost-effective CMOS sensor for a wide range of applications. They include virtual reality, goal line technology, volumetric capture, referee assist, flat panel inspection, and machine vision. Using advanced processing technology the 3.2 μm global shutter pixel achieves 65% peak Quantum Efficiency (see spectral curve below), and excellent angular response. Key benefits include high resolution in a compact optical format (35mm), high data throughput, and low-noise.

GMAX3265 QE Curve

The HB-65000-G will offer all the benefits of the BOLT camera series. These include <1% CPU utilization, accurate multi-camera synchronization using PTP IEEE1588, low-cost accessories, low latency, and low jitter. In addition the HB-65000-G’s SFP28 – 25GigE interface offers three cable options from 1 metre and up to 10 kilometers to match most applications requirements and budget.

HB-65000-G will be available Q3-2020.

Get the full specifications:

HB-65000-G: https://emergentvisiontec.com/products/bolt-hb-25gige-cameras-rdma-area-scan/hb-65000-g/