Emergent Vision Technologies Announce 25GigE Cameras with Sony Pregius S IMX530, IMX531, and IMX532 CMOS Sensors

Emergent Vision Technologies have announced they will be adding three new models featuring the Sony Pregius S IMX530, IMX531, and IMX532 CMOS sensors to their BOLT camera series.

HR and HB models with C-mount

SFP28 – 25GigE and Sony Pregius S combine for increased performance

BOLT cameras are ultra high-speed cameras with a 25GigE SFP28 interface. Combined with the Sony Pregius S stacked CMOS image sensor technology, which comes with global shutter functionality made possible by Sony’s proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure, these new BOLT camera models deliver increased sensitivity, and quantum efficiency, as well as double the frame rate as previous generations.

HB-16000-SB is a 16.13 megapixel camera equipped with the Sony Pregius S IMX532 CMOS sensor. At full resolution (5320 x 3032) you get 145 frames per second.

HB-20000-SB, is a 20.28 megapixel camera. It features the Sony Pregius S IMX531 CMOS sensor, which provides up to 100 frames per second at full resolution (4504 x 4504).

HB-25000-SB is a 24.47 megapixel camera that comes with the Sony Pregius S IMX530 CMOS sensor. It offers up to 98 frames per second at full (5320 x 4600) resolution.

Other benefits of the BOLT series include low-cost accessories, low CPU overhead, low latency, low jitter, and accurate multi-camera synchronization using IEEE1588.

All three cameras feature a C-mount and are ideal for high-speed applications that require excellent image quality and fast frame rates. They include industrial inspection, automation, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), logistics, virtual reality, volumetric capture, and referee assist.

“The Sony Pregius S sensors are a perfect match for our BOLT 25GigE cameras series.” – says John Ilett, President and CEO of Emergent Vision Technologies “When you combine Sony new proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure and our ultra high-speed SFP28 25 Gigabit Ethernet interface, you get double the speed than previous generations, as well as higher quantum efficiency and sensitivity, all of this in a compact housing .”

The HB-16000-SB, HB-20000-SB and HB-25000-SB will be shipping Q4-2019.

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