Emergent Vision Technologies Adds Gpixel CMOS Sensors to BOLT 25 GigE Cameras Series

Emergent Vision Technologies, the pioneer of 10 GigE and 25 GigE cameras, has added Gpixel sensors to its BOLT series of high-speed cameras. The HB-5000-G, HB-9000-G, and HB-25000-G respectively feature the GMAX2505, GMAX2509, and GMAX0505 CMOS sensors. These models offer 5, 9 and 25 megapixels, and up to 292 frames per second.

Gpixel’s GMAX2505, GMAX2509, and GMAX0505 are part of a new family of global shutter sensors designed to address high-speed industrial needs. Benefits include high resolution, high speed, which makes them very suitable for 25Gige, as well as high dynamic range, and low noise.

BOLT cameras feature a SFP28 – 25 GigE interface. 25 GigE offers many advantages compared to other high-speed interfaces such as CoaxPress or Camera Link. These include many low-cost accessories as well as low CPU overhead, low latency, and low jitter using Mellanox VMA. In addition, SFP28 provides two supported cabling options: SFP28 multi-mode fiber modules/transceivers and LC-LC multi-mode fiber cables for cable lengths up to 70 metres, and SFP28 single-mode fiber modules/transceivers and LC-LC single-mode fiber cables for cable lengths ranging from one meter to 10 kilometers.

BOLT cameras can be used in a wide variety of applications including sport broadcasting, industrial inspection, robotics, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The BOLT HB-5000-G, HB-9000-G, and HB-25000-G will be available Q2-2019.